Handling The Holiday Grinch

6 Dec


The holidays are approaching and along with them creep up the grinches of the annual family gatherings. I don’t mean to say that these are evil or all together bad people; but let’s admit we all have those family members with a negative attitude. Just as Dr. Seuss’ character stole Christmas, it is easy for your very own family grinch to rob you of your cheery holiday spirit. There are, however, tactics to maintain your merry mood.

1. Take a Break. The first option when interacting with the family grinch is to take a break away from them. Even the happiest of people can only take so much negativity. It is important to step away for a few minutes to be sure to can keep your cool. Luckily for you, most holiday gathering have food; this provides an easy escape route. “Excuse me for a moment Uncle Joe, I’m going to grab another slice of this lovely pumpkin pie”. Be careful though, you can only use this tactic so many times before Uncle Joe realizes what you’re really up to. The last thing you would want to do is hurt your grinch’s feelings.

2. Talk positive. Bring up topics that might put your grinch into a better mood. Try to talk about something good that you are aware of happening in their lives. Topics like success, (promotions, new job etc.) new found hobbies, (biking, the guitar, movie making etc.); pretty much anything you know their are excited or happy about. Unfortunately, often times these grinches don’t have many happy things in their lives, which might explain their dreary mood. This makes talking positive a bit more tricky but not all together impossible. You might have to broaden your approach in this case and talk about positive things happening within your family. “Did you hear the good news? Little Billy was rated MVP of his soccer team”. Be careful though; with the wrong tone, bringing up inner-family success may make your grinch in an even more negative mood. Try to avoid sounding like you’re bragging.

3. Distractions. What better way to distract your grinch from their negativity than a cute pet or child? Often times, recognizing the presence of something cute will snap your grinch out of their unhappy mood. If you don’t have a pet or child, try showing them a cute picture on your phone or electronic device. There are plenty of adorable cat pictures out there to distract every family’s grinch.



Happiness Beginners

17 Nov

Here are 3 important points for beginners looking to lead a happier life:

1. Accept the fact that you are not as happy as you could be and that there are things you can do to change that. If you are unable or unwilling to recognize this, it will be impossible to become a happier person. True happiness requires that you let go of old habits from the past.

2. Recognize that happiness takes dedication and patience. Happiness is very much like a muscle. It needs to be exercised to become stronger and bigger. Don’t expect dramatic results right away. Happiness takes time. You will never be able to gain happiness for the rest of your life without making an effort each day. However, at first becoming a happier person may take more effort than father down the road. Happiness is very much a mindset and is not something you can acquire for the rest of your life. It is something you must make a conscious effort towards.

3. Surround yourself with people that make to happy.  I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. But just because it’s cliche doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Happiness is no easy task. If you surround yourself with people you do not support your pursuit it will make the process a lot harder and rather discouraging. Other people’s moods tend to wear off on those they surround. It’s scientifically proven!

Hurricane Sandy

1 Nov

Hello all, today I will be going a bit off topic due to recent events. Hurricane Sandy has brought devastation and destruction to the east coast in the past few days as I’m sure you are aware. These people could really use our help, and I encourage you all to consider donating to one of these reliable and trustworthy charities. Thank you for your generosity in these times of need! I will be back to happy posts in the near future.

Other Blogs

30 Oct

Here are two other blogs I found to be especially uplifting and happy. They make me smile quite a bit.

The first, is about ways to be happier, such as eating well, laughing and meditation.

The second includes inspiring quotes and small, witty stories about day to day events. Her blog is wonderfully honest and down to earth. I highly recommend following.

on laughter

11 Oct

The Daily Sarah Jane

what i live by

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If there is one thing I believe should happen every. single. day it’s laughing. Not just that ha.ha. laughing (although that’s great for the in between moments)… I mean that can’t breathe, can’t stop the tears, laugh too loud kind. When I think about all my relationships I realize that the easiest ones are the ones where I can laugh easiest and most frequently. I feel happiest and most like myself when I’m laughing with someone, them making me laugh and me making them laugh. When I’m in the middle of it I often wonder does life get better than this? This moment where I’m so happy I can’t stop it from bubbling over? 

Last night I was laying on my couch watching the Presidential Debate and group texting with two of my friends about it. I can’t say I would have though that…

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9 Oct

A brisk October wind rustles my hair as I trod through the orange-colored leaves. Each step produces a rhythmic crunch. I wrap my scarf a bit tighter around my neck and continue down the road. Every pumpkin lined house on the street glows with promise of comfort and warmth. The hot summer days are but a memory now. The beach chairs and shorts have been tucked away for another year. In their place sit steaming cups of cocoa and knitted sweaters. The smell of apple pie is not far off, beckoning passersby, such as myself. A small gathering of crows peck at the last of the scraps summer left behind. With heavy feet, I stomp onto my doorstep. My fingers tingle with the chill of the air as I reach for the brass doorknob. When I open the door I am greeted by warmth, the scent of baked potatoes and the joy of family finally gathered together in the most wonderful season of all, autumn.


A Happiness App

2 Oct

A Happiness App

This lovely app helps to track your happiness. It sends quick happiness check-ins as frequently as you would like. The goal is collect enough data to determine how your happiness varies based on where you are, who you’re with and what time of day it is 🙂

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